We offer a new perspective.

When you think about marketing, PR or communications, you might think of a traditional agency like Mad Men, or have visions of a huge internal staff. Strategists, writers, artists, web experts, media buyers, print managers…the list is long and expensive.

Instead, think of a nimble, outsourced crew of senior talent you can call on. Who are intimately familiar with your brand, your challenges and your strengths. Think 50 Words.

We can fill all your marketing, public relations and crisis management needs, whether it’s a single project, a full brand makeover, or even pitching in as Interim CMO. No matter the assignment, we start with strategy and planning to inform spot-on creative execution, choose the right tools from our full suite of services, and then measure the impact. The result: we help clients of all sizes avoid making unnecessary and costly marketing mistakes.

We provide the utmost in function with maximum value by serving as your dedicated marketing or communications department—only without the added payroll and benefits, office space and expenses. We call in the appropriate expertise as needed and create a work plan that will deliver both the desired results and the optimal benefit-cost ratio. So you’ll never have to scramble for resources or vet vendors, no matter what pops up.


A different perspective on process too.

There are two primary ways we engage with clients:

Retainer-based Strategic Services

This is a comprehensive package where we become your outsourced marketing and/or communications department and provide constant support for a set monthly fee. It’s an approach that’s great for when you want to consistently work with people who understand your brand and how you work. We start with a strategic plan that outlines strengths and opportunities and advises on recommended action steps. Once the plan is agreed upon, we oversee some, or all, of the activity and execute the mix of tactics needed to implement the plan.

Fee: dependent on the scope of your plan. Reach out to learn more.

A la carte Projects

This approach is great for when your marketing staff is short-handed, you have a one-time opportunity or project, or want to supplement your already-developed ongoing plan. Many of our longest-term clients start this way and discover we work so well together, they call us again and again.

Fee: Tell us what you need and we’ll give you a competitive, comprehensive estimate up front, so everyone understands project scope and cost.


Advantage: you.

Ultimately, whether the scope of work is large or small, it means working with you to put our expertise to best use for your company. Without you having to allocate inside resources. Quite simply, we give you the ability to do much more—with less.