The 50 Words Difference
Where strategy meets creative.

We’re experienced. We’ve been helping clients across the country fuel their marketing and communications programs for more than 25 years with positive results all around – building brand strength, solidifying customer bases, and boosting bottom lines.

We’re flexible. Clients hire us for short-term projects or on a monthly retainer basis for more comprehensive work. Think of our services as plug and play – ready to plug into your marketing and communications plans wherever you need us.

We’re cost-effective. Employing a full-time staff is expensive. We provide the skills of entire marketing, communication and public relations departments – from Chief Marketing Officer to Event Planner to Content Developer, all with maximum ROI.

Take a look at all we do:


No matter your goal – establishing your brand, increasing market share, launching a new product – we have the strategy, tools and proactive approach to get you there. Learn more.

Public Relations

With more media to manage than ever before, managing your reputation is more important than ever. Depend on our expertise to help your voice be heard. Learn more.

Crisis Communications

When crisis hits, you don’t have time to guess at strategies. Rely on our expertise in planning, crisis management, media response, public affairs, and in the best case, crisis prevention. Learn more.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has opened up a whole new battleground for customer attention and loyalty. The same old strategies will not serve you well. Building and promoting a brand, product or service online involves more than developing a website or having a token social media presence. Learn more.

Social Media

Social media gives your brand a perfect opportunity to engage your audience in a personal way. Rely on our expertise to select the right channels, give your brand a wider reach and let customers you didn’t know exist find you. Learn more.

Interim Management

The marketing function is ever-expanding but your resources aren’t. Owners, board members, sponsors, and the full-time executive team need to have the right talent in place to get the job done. Learn more.