Get the C-level capability and skills you need to leap ahead.

    The marketing function is ever-expanding but your resources aren’t. Owners, board members, sponsors, and the full-time executive team need to have the right talent in place to get the job done. Rely on 50 Words interim experts to help fill the gaps in your organization, work as part of your management team, and set you on the path to growth. If you have an immediate or short-term need for a skill set you don’t currently have, we can help.

    • Chief Marketing Officer – to oversee your organization’s marketing strategy.
    • Chief Brand Officer – to oversee your organization’s brand strategy.
    • Chief Communications Officer – to oversee your organization’s internal communications, public relations, and/or public affairs.

    You benefit from:

    • Flexibility: C-level talent only when you need it.
    • Timeliness: Opportunity doesn’t wait, neither should you.
    • Expertise: Seasoned managers have the expertise and leadership experience you need.

    Interim managers can be an ideal solution in many situations: M&A, restructuring, short-term crisis, a new spinoff or product launch, or stop-gap measure following a departure.

    Our services include:

    • Interim, Project, Part-Time or Fractional CMO, CBO, CCO services
    • Strategic Planning and Execution
    • Brand Creation and Transformation
    • Brand Audit
    • Product Integrations
    • Training
    • Restructuring people, process and framework
    • Marketing Automation, Data Analytics, Segmentation, Customer Experience Leadership