We combine strategy and creativity to achieve a higher return on your investment in us, whether we’re mitigating damage in a crisis, increasing your public image, or boosting sales. Through customized services in three key categories — marketing, public relations and crisis communications — we address your real time business needs and every situation.


Plan strategically.

Without planning, chances are you’re engaging in sales, marketing and communication activities that are not aligned with your business goals. That results in inconsistent brand messages and inefficient use of resources.

Strategic, comprehensive planning is what makes good things happen, whether it’s launching a new brand or breaking into a new market. Some may put it off thinking it’s too complex. We’ve made it simple. We start with one question: what do you want your company to be in three to five years?

Then we determine how to best achieve that vision, assessing capabilities, weaknesses, resources and opportunities. Our approach encompasses more than marketing because we believe it should be integrated with your overall business plan for the best results. We guide clients through strategic business planning to create viable, long term plans, brand strategy to achieve the best positioning, market research to identify strengths and weaknesses, marketing planning to support business goals, and communication planning to ensure efficiency. And that’s a planning strategy that will produce results.

Download Our Marketing Planning Process Diagram.


Execute Creatively.

This is where we set your plan in motion. But we’ve found many companies are executing marketing, PR and communications activities without a strategy or calendar behind it. The result: a fire-drill atmosphere, mixed messages, missed opportunities, a muddled brand image and mistakes that can cost you in time, money and reputation.

From creative public relations approaches to innovative crisis communications and stand-out marketing materials, we methodically execute marketing, PR and communications activities with fresh thinking behind it to best present your brand. And we build in the triggers you need to measure effectiveness throughout the process. Our services range from developing your brand’s identity to ensuring any communication your company undertakes will reinforce that brand identity. Everything we do is developed with an eye toward achieving your goals with creative communications that are respectful of your agreed-upon budget.


Measure Accurately.

It’s nice to have innovative creative, but marketing without measuring is simply a shot in the dark. You don’t know what, or who, you’ve hit. We build a means of measuring outcomes into everything we do: focus groups, direct mail response rates, lead generation, and more. And that gives you an ROI you can truly count on. It’s not all formal research. We help you capture and take advantage of data you already have from your customer-facing staff.

Measuring not only determines how effective your communications are, it helps everyone understand the agreed-upon goals and time frames for achieving them. If you don’t have realistic metrics, you may become disappointed and pull the plug too quickly on a program that could be helpful in the long term.

Once we know how much we’ve accomplished together, we can evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and whether you should do it again. And that brings us back to planning.